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Update on Jim’s Challenge

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

It was almost six months ago when I reported my Minor incident — Possible Major Challenge.  The challenge was real and significant, but I’m working my way through it.

My surgery was on December 14.  Dr. Lashgari reattached the tendon to the rotator cuff and I started the slow comeback.  First few weeks were with Nurse Elaine providing significant services, including helping with my showers.  The 24/7 sling was a pain in the butt and results in significant sleeping difficulties.  Getting to the point where I could shower without her help was my first big goal.

I entered physical therapy a few weeks after the surgery – all passive stuff to begin with.  And I was given permission to start walking.  Since the weather wasn’t super, I joined Gold’s Gym (the closest gym to home) and January was a 50+ mile month.

Getting to the work and the Washington Navy Yard finally happened once I could toss the sling; the commuting challenge was just too great.  The sling went away and I was back at work six weeks after the surgery.

Work, twice a week PT and trying to keep up with my cardio workouts has kept me pretty busy; I’m over 100 miles walking for the year and my therapy team insisted that my progress was fantastic.  Back to full mobility and starting to rebuild my strength.

Yesterday was absolutely the best day of this process!  I had another appoint with Dr. Lashgari.  He was pleased with the progress and warned me about trying too much too fast.  My next appointment is in three months, if I think a need to see him – my choice.  But wait, the significant news is that he told me to ENJOY MY MOTORCYCLES!  I’M BACK!

And YES, I did take a ride this morning.  I was a little worried about the storms that the weather folks think are trying to spoil our weekend, but I missed them all.  I now have 40 motorcycle miles in 2012!  My spring and summer plans with Medalist are still possible.

The therapy team wants me to continue the process through May and to continue to work on strength.  I probably wasn’t all that fit when this all started and six months of almost very limited upper body exercise has taken it’s toll – there is plenty of hard work left to come.