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Minor incident — Possible Major Challenge

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

I was a couple blocks from home on Thursday afternoon (10/06/11), turning right onto Regents, when a didn’t exactly see the car making a left turn from the lane I intended on using — go figure, I wanted to use the right hand side of the road in Crofton. The good news is that I didn’t have a head-on; I got the bike stopped, but I didn’t square the handle bars in the process and I couldn’t keep the bike from a zero mph fall on the right side. The best way to describe the fall is a “laugh-in fall” for us older people who can remember Laugh-in, but it isn’t too funny when the bike is a R1150GS Adventure. I landed on my right shoulder and re-injured stuff from my ‘Toona accident. No significant damage to the GS Adventure.

I went to Dr. Pressey on Friday and had x-rays — nothing broken. I saw an Ortho doc on Saturday morning and backed up the x-rays with an MRI to determine what level soft tissue damage is involved.
The Ortho doc and I did the MRI review this on Monday afternoon. Rotator cuff isn’t right — a significant tear, totally disconnected. Doc says that if I was 10-15 years younger, he’d have me in the first available slot for surgery and he’d be looking for a cancellation to get me in earlier. And if I was 5-10 years older, and concentrating on reading in my rocking chair, he wouldn’t consider surgery at all.

The plan is to start PT this afternoon. The goal is significant increases mobility and function. If I can get my arm over my head by early December, we’ll cancel the surgery scheduled for December 14. If the surgery happens, I’ll be out of commission for awhile — 6 weeks in a significant sling (no motion of the upper arm and my lower arm sticking straight out, not across my belly); I’ll be allowed occasional keyboard use. This is followed by six weeks of limited desk duty, nothing heavier than a coffee cup. Then, at the three month point, we start rebuilding strength with more physical therapy.

I can’t tell you that I’m happy about that recovery schedule, but it is what it is. I’m going to pray that the PT works and I can put all that really bad stuff aside. The first challenge is trying to find sleep – I haven’t solved that part of the issue yet!