Neat Morning Ride

My morning motorcycle rides to SE DC are normally far less interesting than Scott’s bicycle commutes (and we don’t have a Commuter Dude), but this morning was worth mentioning.

The sun was just about ready to pop over the horizon as I rolled down the drive. The temperature was super enjoyable, hovering in the low 70s. As I settled in to the Car Pool lanes on US50, zipping past Freeway Airport, I looked up at the sky to my left and saw a pretty pink sky with a full, double rainbow in the foreground. The low, tropical looking clouds must have been spitting just enough upper level rain to form the rainbows. I actually had trouble concentrating on the road 🙂 Traffic was heavy enough so that stopping for a sky pictures just wasn’t an option. A couple miles later, as I approached the Washington Beltway, the temperature jumped 10 degrees and reality set in — darn!


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