November 3 — Why is it significant?

Nope, the significance isn’t Election Day, or the full moon last night, or even that I only have one more trip on an airplane this year.  It is significant because I finally pulled out the Gerbing Electric liner for my motorcycle commute into DC this morning!  Today is my first day of extra warmth and it felt good!

2 Responses to “November 3 — Why is it significant?”

  1. Keith Erb says:

    Sure glad I don’t have to get up and about so early that I need the Gerbing, yet.

  2. David Walls says:

    Interesting Jim, I carry my Gerbings on virtually all trips and generally have had occassion to use it.
    Riding to San Dimas a few weekends ago I left it behind a froze on the way down.
    So it only reinforced my adage of “don’t leave home without it.

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