What does a trustee do?

E-mail from Michael in New Jersey:

What does a trustee do?

Is this {election} NJ specific?

What are your key message points for the coming election?

Thanks, Michael from New Jersey



 The country is broken into three regions. You are in the Eastern Region — Maine to Florida, including NJ.   So the position is not NJ specific, but I do cover the interests of riders in New Jersey.

Trustees are directly responsible for the Rules of Racing.   In my case, the USCF Trustee monitor and improve the Road, Track and Cyclocross Rules.   Our goal is to fix the rules that riders identify that are less than perfect :).

In addition to the formal rules responsibility, we have influence through the USAC Board of Directors to solve other policy issues and improve the sport of cycling.

Details on my plans for the next three years on the Trustee Board are contained in earlier posts and my candidate statement at http://www.usacycling.org/news/user/story.php?id=4248

Thanks for your questions and interest, Jim

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